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As a chartered accountant you will offer recommendation, audit accounts and supply trustworthy info concerning financial records. This may involve financial news, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, finance, business recovery and financial condition, or accounting systems and processes.

You'll have the selection of many completely different settings to figure in, as well as public practice companies and business and commerce, also as within the not-for-profit and public sectors. operating strategically, your aim are going to be to maximise profit on behalf of your consumer or employer.


  • Perform tests to see financial data and systems
  • Point out and prevent any fraud which may occur
  • Liaise with individuals or businesses and supply financial data
  • Be involved with financial audits
  • Providing outcome reports after the auditors
  • Storing of accounting records and creating of accounts for small enterprises
  • Arrange financial management reports, together with money designing and prognostication
  • Looking after financial systems as well as budgets
  • Assist clients on different parts of their business and helping them to cope with the financial pressure
  • Assisting junior employees
  • Be the middle man between the external and internal auditors and assist with any financial regulations.
  • Give financial recommendation
  • Provide advice on business transactions and comparing it to other corporate companies
  • Prepare financial statements, together with monthly and annual accounts
  • Study companies systems and determining risk
  • Review the company's systems and analyse risk

Working hours

    Working hours vary on the role and therefore the organisation, however generally are not 9am to 5pm. operating further hours within the evening and at weekends is sort of common so as to satisfy deadlines, significantly in larger corporations. As a tyro, you may sometimes run day off in office of any overtime worked.Flexible operating arrangements area unit sometimes potential when qualification. you may conjointly work severally by fitting as a sole professional.

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